Murmura Ladoo

Just 3 ingredients and 15 to 20 minutes is all these delicious Murmura Ladoo needs. It’s one of the perks that winter season brings. As soon as winter begins I really look forward to prepare all the yummy chikkis, till ladoo, murmura ladoo and other seasonal dishes.

It’s a pleasure to enjoy these seasonal and traditional delicacies as we only get to relish them once a year, plus these things meet all the criteria of ideal healthy food. They are highly nutritious and a must in winter season. Most of the chikkis and ladoos are prepared with jaggery. It helps in keeping our body warm. Jaggery is a wonder food and rich source of iron.

Coming back to the Ladoo recipe, it’s one of the easiest recipe, just jaggery, fried gram and puffed rice, that’s all you need. I have seen many people adding cardamom, peanuts, coconut but I like it this way simple, easy and yummy. Fried gram is optional, but adds a touch of protein and a bite to the dish.

In this recipe, one step is most important that is to get the right consistency of jaggery and the right time to add puffed rice. You need to be very careful here.

Let’s move the simple recipe…

Category : Sweet

Cuisine : Indian


  • 1 cup of jaggery
  • 5 cups of puffed rice
  • 3 tbsp of fried gram/roasted gram


1. Heat jaggery with a tbsp of water. Keep stirring until it melts and turn of the heat.

2. Now pass the melted jaggery through a seive or muslin cloth to remove impurities. Collect the clean melted jaggery in a bowl.

3. Now bring the jaggery syrup to boil, keep the flame in medium and keep stirring.

4. Let it boil for a couple of minutes. Now to check the consistency of the jaggery syrup, drop a little syrup into a small bowl of water. Now push the syrup with your finger, if it forms a soft ball then you are done. If it dissolves then continue to boil the syrup.

5. After you reach the consistency of the syrup, add the puffed rice and fried gram. Turn off the flame. Now mix well.

6. Now wet your palms lightly with water, take a small portion and make ladoos by pressing gently between your palms.

7. Delicious ladoos are ready. Store them in an air tight container and they stay good for a month.


Sweetness of the jaggery depends on the type of jaggery used.

Step 4 is most important.

The ladoos have to be prepared when the mixture is still hot, otherwise the mixture will harden and making ladoos will be difficult.

If the mixture becomes hard, put the pan back on low flame for a few seconds, this will loosen the mixture allowing ladoo formation.

As soon as the ladoos are made, they harden and become crisp if the consistency of the syrup is right.

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30 thoughts on “Murmura Ladoo

  1. I love your recipes as they are mostly foods that are unknown to me..I can get puffed rice here and have jaggery and gram so will be making some of these… the kids will like them 🙂

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